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"The first step to ACHIEVING your Success is to MAKE A DECISION to change your MINDSET"

- Sherita Cherry    

ACHIEVE Coaching Systems



Are you frustrated with trying to #MAKEMONEY behind the chair?

“How do I  get the clients to COME BACK?”


“What am I doing wrong?”


“I need a Mentor to help me be successful behind the chair?” 


Is this you? If so, It is TIME for you to enroll in the ACHIEVE Coaching Program. Why keep putting it off,  when the answer is right in front of you?


ACHIEVE Coaching Program is for YOU!!


ACHIEVE is an online group coaching course that provides you with the tools and business strategies to grow your salon business. This accelerated coaching program caters to those who have a desire to create a profitable salon business. You will have a step by step road map to Profitability. You do the Work you will see your Rewards. 



  • Monthly Coaching Call

  • Q and A’s Session

  • Homework Assignments

  • Accountability 

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Salon Systems

      and so much more...




"I met Sherita Cherry 13 years ago sitting in her chair as her client! I must say the blessing that she’s spoken over my career has been nothing short of AMAZING! Sherita’s coaching style is very direct as she’s a stickler for numbers & results! If the numbers don’t produce results then she’s not about it! After looking at all of my statements she took me from being a 30k stylist to being a 106k in less than a year! As if that’s not amazing enough, right now I’m on track this year to make at LEAST 188k! If you’re looking for pure results without fluff or empty promises Sherita is the coach for you!" 
Belinda B.
Houston, Tx

"If you’re in need of a mentor and fully ready to commit to building a bigger brand Sherita Cherry is the way to go. I honestly started with her I did not have a clue on where I was going in my career, I was just going with the flow. I had gotten comfortable. Within 30 days I left the shop I was working at and opened a studio of my own. None of this I was ready for. It had gotten to a point where it was going so fast I couldn’t keep up. My books start filling up so fast, my demand was growing higher. Miss Cherry will give you the blueprint and if you follow everything she says you will succeed you can’t fail. She meets all needs whether you are starting out or you are already established. I chose her because she is in the same field. Before Ms. Sherita, I was only make 3K a month averaging about 35 appointments. Now I make at least 6k and have a minimum of 70+ appointments per month. Please if you’re not ready to do whatever she says then do not go through ACHIEVE Coaching. But if you’re serious buckle up for the ride!!!!!!!!!!! There’s so much I can say but hurry and sign up for your mentorship and secure a big bag !!!"

Renee B.

Raleigh, NC

"I had been hearing the word mentor for a while in the beauty industry and I didn’t understand what A mentor and coach was until I met Sherita Cherry. I was making money as a stylist but as a salon owner I sucked. And allowed my staff to suck the life out of me and my purpose. I chose to open a salon where stylist could learn from each other and grow as a team. But I wasn’t getting that. When I started with Sherita I was a full booth rental salon but my staff wasn’t paying their booth on time meaning I had to work overtime to pay the bills. I joined the Achievers program which helped me individually. And once I did the salon management course and salon take over it’s been nothing but more income. And most all peace. And it started to make more sense. In a matter of 3 years my salon sales went from barely 20k a year to now over 200k a year. I am a fully commissioned based salon and I give thanks to Sherita for showing me my full potential as a salon owner.  If you need Help- Sherita Cherry is The Best!!"

Tiffany M.
Jacksonville, Fl

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